Thursday 17th of January 2019

The Information Revolution

Search engine optimisation

Not all companies want to outsource the task of optimising their website for the major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN. If you have a competent webmaster who has time available, then the answer could well be to train or coach your own personnel.

This course can last for a day or it can be a training course over a longer period, with specific objectives, usually designed to use your existing website on which to apply the learning. 

The one day training course will look at the following topic:

  • The benefits of ranking high with search engines
  • The difference between paid and free advertising within search engines
  • Examples when paid advertising makes sense and when it doesn't
  • What is organic search engine optimisation
  • The most important factors when optimising a website
  • Challenges of organic search engines optimisation and how they can be managed
  • The correct process for optimising your site to save you from disappointment


The alternative is a series of coaching sessions that can last from several days to weeks depending on your requirements.  Typically this would involve the process of optimising your site but training your webmaster at  the same time.

These sessions are delivered over the phone with the aid of collaboration tools. This is a highly cost effective way of delivering this sort of training.

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