Thursday 17th of January 2019

The Information Revolution

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Effective marketing needs great communication.

The latest web technology known as the second generation Web 2.0 is especially designed to help companies raise their marketing  to a new level and pay attention to their business rather than being distracted with technical issues.

Sooner or later, all successful companies will be using  the latest web technology.

Are you prepared to let your competitors take the lead?

We have the most advanced and cost effective web solution in the middle market.  Take the lead in your industry and embrace the wonderful benefits of effective marketing.  

Our passion is to take care of the technology so that you may take care of your business. 

Longer customer retention leading to lower sales costs and improved profitability

  • Allow your customers to log into a customer privilege area
  • Make special offers to existing customers giving them a 'feel good factor' and increasing your sales at the same time
  • Publish online opinion polls to obtain valuable product and market feedback from your customers
  • Engage with your customers by creating a blog, enabling the customer and yourself to exchange information

Reduces running costs and improves your company image

  • Allows you to modify your product content 24/7 with minimal effort
  • Modified content is displayed instantly, there is no need to wait for a webmaster to update the information
  • With multiple access accounts, you can allocate areas of responsibility or simply assign it to one person
  • E-mail addresses are encrypted reducing email spam and leading to increased productivity
  • Improved profitability through low website maintenance costs

Marketing of new products to increase revenues

  • Reach out to existing and prospective customers
  • Easy to use banner advertising tool to promote specific products
  • Easy rotate product advertising on your website
  • Valuable feedback data information giving you insight of the most popular products
  • Allows you to advertise and charge other businesses for advertising space

Flexible publishing feature giving you total control

  • Content can be categorised and allocated to people in your organisation
  • You can specify the date when you want news, product information etc. to be published
  • Automatically archives out of date information saving you time and ensuring everything on display is up to date
  • You can nominate authors, editors and publishers for maximum control on content quality

Valuable feedback information to focus your product marketing

  • Automatically keeps tracks of the most popular products
  • Statistics that show you the relative popularity of all your products

Marketing your company and brand

  • Easily maintain a newsroom where you can publish news about your company
  • Powerful technology to automatically disseminate news and advertising messages to thousands and even millions of people
  • Real time system ensures that news and adverts are published instantly across the Internet
  • Hot news or newsflash functionality to highlight the latest news both in your site and in your supply chain

Empower your distribution network with your products

  • Make it easy for your distribution network and you will be their favourite supplier
  • Powerful technology to automatically disseminate product information to unlimited number of supplier
  • Your products will appear on supplier websites, instantly and with no action on their part
  • Change updates are instant with minimal effort and in real time
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