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Voice solutions

lady_on_the_phone.jpg Nowadays, technology allows for the design and implementation of very flexible voice solutions with advanced features and lower operating costs than that of legacy systems.

We consider the design phase an extremely important step and where we add considerable value to your business. Choosing the right technology is a mine field full of twists and turns.  Our approach is to first understand your current and future business requirements.  It is only then, when we will recommend the best possible solution for your business.

We have the business and technical experience to design and implement your future proof voice and data solution.

Is your LAN working for or against you?

The chances are that you simply don't know for sure.

A company LAN, for most businesses, is a critical component.  A poorly performing LAN, can slow down the efficiency of a company and can suffer very serious consequences if the security breaks down.

But how can a LAN be cared for?

Lost your company data?


Can you think of anything more devastating than losing your company data?

Many businesses will not survive such a catastrophe...and yet, the evidence is that the vast majority of businesses do not have a rigorous backup policy.  And even more worrying, few companies have reliable off-site data storage. 

 The impact of data loss is too great to take the risk.  

We offer you a safe and cost effective solution that automatically stores all your business critical data off-site. No need to worry about expensive backup servers, unreliable magnetic tape systems or possible omission of a regular backup.  

A few hundred pounds a year may be all you need to buy you peace of mind and security.  

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